Belinda Gilliam Ivy

Belinda was selected in 2010 to be a violin artist for the Painted Violin Society which benefits the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra. Funds from the auction of the violins are used to provide a free concert for the entire community. This work entitled, “Revolving, Evolving Violin”, is a mixed media artwork incorporating sheet music that has been painted and printed on with musician portraits collaged within.

Belinda donates artwork each year for auction at the Crescendough Auction benefitting the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra.

Clients have made
these comments
about their paintings:

I am so pleased with the portrait you painted of me.. You are an exceptional artist. .Through the painting I will always be reminded of you. Your warmth and beauty is captured in me on the canvas. You made me look so pretty, I thank you for that. – Molly

Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of my beautiful portrait. You made the whole process very pleasurable and left me with a work of art. You have wonderful talent. – Lynn

Your portrait of my wife is simply beautiful. She is extremely pleased with it and it hangs in a place of prominence in our home. You really captured her personality and especially her eyes. _Ronald

Huntsville Times

"Imagine a portrit painting and what do see? Is it an oil painting on canvas, executed in somber shades and depicting a scowling individual, stuffly holding a pompous pose designed more for posterity than comfort? If that's the portrait then it wasn't painted by Belinda Gilliam Ivy, of Huntsville. In fact, Ivy's paintings are like the artist herself: colorful, relaxed, upbeat, and fun to be around."

Quoted from a feature articl by Howard Miller
about the artist in the Huntsville Times.

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Junior League of
Huntsville Publication

"Generously provided by sustainer and award winning portrait artist Belinda Gilliam, our cover features accomplished JLH Veteran Lynn Lowery. Both women are living examples of people who have successfully manged challenging occupations and high-profile volunteer careers. Belinda, during her League years taught art with the Huntsville City School System and developed her reputation as a gifted studio/portrait artist, which flourishes
to this day.

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